Yvonne Miller lives in California, and I met her on the internet.  I don’t remember whether it was through America’s Knitting or Ravelry, but I’ve known her for a while now.  I like to call her a “Roving Reporter” because she does quite a little bit of traveling, and she’s so nice to think of the website, take a few snaps, and email them over with a few lines.

Pearl1She took a road trip, and she visited Oregon, and Pearl Fiber Arts in Portland.  Here is what she had to say about it:

Just down the street from Powell’s bookstore, a Portland landmark you’ll find PearlFiber Arts. Leave DH at Powells, and head down the street.  The owner is extremely knowledgable about her yarn and all things fiber related. The shop carries several local yarns including ‘Thoroughly Thwacked’ and ‘Alexandra’s’.  I also saw “Caress Luxury Yarn”, that is a huge gauge yarn.  You can also test drive spinning wheels – WHEE!!  I purchased three local yarns and am a happy traveler!Pearl2

We love it when travelers check in.  If you are planning a trip and want to help out, PLEASE don’t hesitate.  Whether you use your phone or a digital camera, feedback is always welcome.  America’s Knitting is based out of Washington state, and we can’t possibly be everywhere.  Even if you are a yarn shop owner and want to strut your stuff, by all means, it is welcome.Pearl3

Thank you Yvonne for thinking of America’s Knitting on your travels, and I’m so glad that you enjoyed Pearl Fiber Arts~Pearl4 Pearl5

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