My state, Washington state, is split into two parts…the western side of the state and the eastern side of the state.  The east and the west are split by the Cascade mountain range.  The western side is wetter and more mild, while the eastern side is dryer with four distinct seasons.  We get it all in the state of Washington…lots of big mountains with plenty of skiing, the beach in our pacific ocean, fruit orchards bearing lots of fruit and wineries, big cities and all the culture you find there in the symphony, ballet and art galleries, and lots of lakes and parks AND YARN SHOPS, LOTS AND LOTS OF YARN SHOPS!!

You’ll find Yarn Folk on the eastern side of the state in a town called Ellensburg.  The first thing that comes to mind for me is…it’s a college town.  It’s also full of historic buildings, breweries and wineries, lots of outdoor activities and shopping.  Yarn Folk is located right downtown on Pearls St., with parking on the street for free.

When I was there, owner Ann Miner was working and we had a chance to talk.  As we were talking about business and I was taking pictures….the one thing that came across to me was how up on everything she is.  She’s got all the cool new stuff that everyone wants.  She had a Soldotna sweater shop sample knit up, she had the Leading Men Fiber Arts yarn on the shelves, Woolen Boon, Dream In Color, Apple Fiber Studio and Churchmouse patterns,  She had felting, and crochet, and the store was busy with customers.  The Soldotna was knit with Neighborhood Fiber Company yarn from Maryland, and she had stock in all colors.  I saw a big round table and chairs at one end of the store, just ready for a gathering or a class.

I did purchase some yarn for a Soldotna, her sweater inspired me.  I haven’t wound it up yet, so who knows really what will become of it.  But I really liked meeting Ann and visiting the store.  When I left, I could hear music outside, there was to be an art walk happening soon, and I just wanted to stay and have fun…but I had some place I had to be.  But you know that is a good yarn shops when you leave feeling like that!

Yarn Folk has a nice website, and Ann actually blogs there.  Follow Ann of course on Facebook, and also over on Instagram.  I often share her blogs on our facebook page.  Thanks for spending time with us here on America’s Knitting.  Get out and visit your local yarn shop!  Thanks Ann for a good time!!

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