Yarn Crawl…do you crawl?

They are pretty much nation wide now!  I love the concept of an organized event, created towards a fun outing for all the enjoy!  Knitters plan and plot out their course, and sometimes even take a husband, a non-knitting friend, or pups for company.  Most do I think, crawl in groups…but there are even some loners out to crawl.  It could take a day or a weekend, for all this fun to take place.  I say knitters, but these shops also create a free crochet pattern for crawlers as well.

The premise is that the shops come together with meetings all year long to come up with a theme, a set of rules, free patterns, and some prizes to make it super fun!  We have a couple of these crawls in my region of western Washington state.  I’ve done the crawl over in Seattle one time.  The crawl in the south sound I do every year….so far.  The crawl in Seattle is too big for me.  If someone wanted to drag me, I could be persuaded, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Sometimes, life’s circumstances veer knitters off course.  Knitters almost always come back, and this is always a great outing.  Visit all the shops, check it out, see what’s happening.  The first thing you do is print out your passport. There will always be something in one of the shops that really speaks to you.  Each shop has a project and free pattern.  They typically have a yarn that goes with the project that they are offering at a discount, and then decorations and other items that coincide with their theme.  Each shop has snacks to offer the crawler.  Then, there are daily prizes and something for the finishers.

Because it takes all day, or in some cases all weekend, you have to have coffee out or lunch.  It’s Fun!  I think knitters know how to have fun….from KAL’s, to joining yarn clubs, to going to events, to going on yarn crawls.  Personally, I love all things that include and support the yarn shops, that’s my favorite.  This weekend is KnitFit in Ballard, Washington.  I’m not taking any classes, but I will be going to just check it out and go to the market.  Out of 28 vendors, only 1 is a yarn shop.  So, does a sale from an indy business take away from the business of a LYS?


2 thoughts on “Yarn Crawl…do you crawl?

  1. Debbie Kester

    I’ve done the PNW Fall Yarn Crawl twice now. It’s fun to see what they’ve come up with each year.

    I’ve done my own version of the LYS Tour in the Seattle area, but not on Crawl weekend. Of course, I’m in awe of all the shops that western Washington and the Portland areas have, since I’m from the Central Valley of California where there is so few shops and more and more keep closing. My current LYS is up for sale and if a buyer is not found this month, it will close before xmas. Making the closest LYS to me 45 miles away. I’m hoping that all of us that are interested in keeping a LYS can keep a store in our area.

  2. Yvonne

    So, does a sale from an indy business take away from the business of a LYS?

    I don’t think so. When I travel or go to yarn shows I always try to check out and sometimes (i.e Most Times) buy something that my LYS doesn’t have. Here in the South Bay (San Jose, CA) we have lost all our shops but one so I feel I don’t have as wide a variety as we did before. Even though my LYS carries lovely yarns she can’t carry everything. Also, Indies don’t have that big of production so trying to be in LYS’s doesn’t always work for them. Seeing them at a yarn show or crawl maybe the only time I have the opportunity to purchase their product.
    I’ll be going to Stitches West in February and will again only purchase yarns my LYS doesn’t carry but I still support my LYS with all my other knitting needs (WANTS). It’s your LYS’s job to be supportive of your craft and encourage you to try new things as well as provide you with a variety of yarn products. It is our job to support them with our regular purchases.


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