What a great group of women!  I always feel better after spending time with them.  All so different, all bring something brilliant to the table.  Tonight we had our Christmas gathering and I got to snap a couple of pictures of some good knitting!  Wendy is such a great knitter, she’s even done some teaching.  She’s helped us all at one time or another.  She has an amazing sense of color and she knows gauge.  Everything she knits FITS!  Here she is in her Pop Spots Shawl by Loop in the UK.  She used Toth Yarns Little Rice for the background, Freia sport weight Flux in the color Metal Earth for the spots, and Freia fingering weight in the color Blue Patina for the fringe.  Her shawl is larger than the small size, but she ran out of yarn about half way through the large size.  In my opinion it’s the perfect size~Wendy


Helen always comes in with something finished as does Debbie!  Here is Helen in her Cryin Icicles by Plucky Knitter Design.  She held Plucky Scholar along with Plucky Cashmere – stunning and soft! Cryin’ Icicles is a free Ravelry download.  Helen The Sundry shawl by Jennifer Dassau has become a group project organically.  It all started with Julie, and then Libbie, and now here is Wendy’s and Debbie’s.  Wendy’s is the gray/charcoal version using Artful Ewe Lotus yarn.  Debbie’s is the berry combo with gray using Madeline Tosh Tosh Merino Lite.  Both gorgeous – I want to knit one….maybe 2015???Shawls1Shawls

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