It has been a while my friends.  Fifteen months to be exact since my last post.  To be honest, I have had lots on my mind of late.  The pandemic stopped me in my tracks.  To most, it may have appeared, that I was the same – – the truth is, that none of us are ‘the same’.  We are all changing, moving, transforming, learning, reacting, thinking and KNITTING!  Seriously, we all evolve and change, grow older and experience through our lives, all the time and at different paces.  To stay the same, is not what we, as humans, were meant to do or be.  Just like our limbs are meant for movement, our minds are meant to learn, and our souls are meant for enrichment.

America’s Knitting was ready for a change…but what?  I didn’t know!!  I used to track yarn shops and be their registry nationwide.  But, times and technology change, and the yarn shops now, do that for themselves, and don’t need me for that any longer.  What can I do or bring to the table….I don’t know??  SO, I did nothing.  Should I have a podcast?  I don’t really know.  This morning, I decided to dust off my website and be a blogist; at least for now.  I have tons of thoughts that roll around and take up residence in this noggin of mine.  So, I thought I would write.  I already have the website, so why not.  I love my knitting and I love my photography.  I don’t know how frequent I will post, so you will have to check in from time to time to see what you have missed.  If you follow America’s Knitting on Facebook and/or Instagram, I will update there.  If you are not on social media, and not all are, trust me, you will just have to remember and check in from time to time.

Today is October 1st, 2021!  It’s a new month and we are embarking on a new season of fall.  The holidays are knocking on the door, and it will be a downhill slide through the holidays.  So, buckle up and enjoy every minute of this special time of year.  The title of this piece is ‘wanderlust’.  I named it that because, you don’t have to travel to enjoy wanderlust.  Lately, I’ve taken to playing in my stash and buying new yarn online and in the yarn shops.  I’ve started lots of projects and bought new project bags, and I feel like I have embarked on a new journey in knitting and life honestly.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw the pumpkins growing on my property.  CRAZY — I always toss my old pumpkins, of which I buy many every year.  Well, this year one took root and grew on my property.  My husband spotted it.  I went out to take a look and sure enough, I had 5 pumpkins in my little patch.  They are the small kind that have the stripes, I love them.  Completely by accident, but what joy and happiness they give me.  I’m growing pumpkins.  I love it!!!  Something so simple can bring joy and life.

Knitting wise, I was working on my Hitchhiker and my 5th Vibrant.  Then, I cast on a mohair stole…then, I joined a KAL, then I cast on a Halloween hat, then, I cast on for my grandsons annual birthday hat, and I also cast on for a holiday cowl…and yesterday some fall socks.  MEOMYO – I am ON A ROLL!  Normally, I would say STOP.HELP.ME.  But nope, I am embracing my craft, change, yarn, new seasons and life.

There is SO much noise out there.  Headlines everywhere, constant news and bad news, people not getting along, negativity, and the constant COVID.  It has really weighed me down whether it shows or not, it is true…whether I wanted to admit it, it was still true.  Sometimes we think we can handle anything, everything.  But it is really important to have clarity, to slow down, to listen, to see nature, to have faith, to breath, and to wander… if only in your heart and mind and soul.  Wander through the woods or on the beach.  Wander back to the mall or your local yarn shop.  Wander on the road for a day long car ride.  Wander with your dog on an adventurous walk, something unexpected.  Wander through your old projects or your stash.  Wander out with friends again.  Let go of the heaviness and allow yourself some happiness and joy.  Enjoy your life and all it brings.  Open up the cookbooks and recipe box and cook up something good.  You don’t need Thanksgiving to have the family in, or your neighbors or friends over.

Enjoy this fabulous month – I feel invigorated – I’m back!!!!

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