SONY DSCAnyone who knows me knows that I love Hazel Knits yarn.  NOW, Hazel Knits is a local yarn company based out of Seattle, Washington that hand dyes yarn in lots of different bases and weights.  I have loved this yarn, ever since I was first introduced to it back in 2007.SONY DSC

Hazel Knits, I would classify as an Indy Dyer, but this yarn is sold in yarn shops too (which is awesome).SONY DSCWhy is it awesome…because you can purchase the yarn, and support the small business of a local yarn shop all at the same time.  These are not huge corporations, your money goes directly to people you know.  I like to use a baseball term for this, I call it small ball.SONY DSC

SONY DSCANYWAY….I digress….Fiber Gallery is a Seattle based yarn shop and they not only carry Hazel Knits, but there is a trunk show every year.  I had never visited this particular yarn shop before, so when I heard of the trunk show, my friends Ann, Jana & Libbie took the ferry boat and went over to the city for the day.  We had such a good time.  Yarn shop was #1, first thing!  The shop had a very relaxed atmosphere and we saw lots of current yarns with notable mentions such as Debbie Bliss, Habu & Madeline Tosh just to name a few.  The store owner, Mary Harris, we think of as sort of a celebrity, because she was on the Jeopardy show.

The store was very crowded – I think in part because of the trunk show, but also because it was a Saturday and people were out and about.  There was a chill in the air, with fallen leaves dusting about outside.  Greenwood is the neighborhood in which the store is located, and it definatley has that neighborhood feeling.SONY DSC

SONY DSCNext up was coffee!  We went to this coffee shop called Chocolati!  They have coffee but are also chocolate based with handmade chocolates made in house.  We all had mochas and enjoyed our coffees and knit for awhile together.  Of course over knitting, and drinking our mochas, and talking, we decided that we had to go back over to the yarn shop for a second visit.  Then, we wanted lunch.  We were off to Gorditos, where they made burritos the size of a baby!  We were off for the ferry, and headed back across the Puget Sound to stop by Churchmouse Yarns & Teas on Bainbridge Island, Washington for a visit — that is just how we roll!  Then it was happy hour – eh!

I love yarn shops, I love my girlfriends, I love knitting, and I love my Hazel Knits!


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