I started the year with 4 babies due.  The first baby has been born and it was a little boy.  These baby socks were for him.  I absolutely love this pattern, and now have a friend of mine obsessed with these socks too.  They are quick, and I think, a great way to learn sock knitting.  The pattern is called Little Speckled Toes #153 by Lynda Gemmell.  You can find this pattern on Ravelry and also in the book Baby Knits Head & Toes!  The yarn that I used is from Myra Garcia and Fancy Image Yarn.  It’s her Machine Washable Merino Wool DK.  On a parting note, I’ve gotten feed back that these socks do stay on, so that’s good…now to get a photo of the socks on a real baby, to see the fit.

I am editing this post today.  Since my last post, the baby number has grown from 4 to 9.  Yep, nine babies to be born this year, with my first grandchild to be #9 and born this year in December.  Needless to say, I’m still knitting these baby socks.  Here is an updated collage.

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