VintageAs Christmas fell on a Thursday this year, I was laying in bed Tuesday night thinking about EVERYTHING!  I couldn’t sleep and decided to get up and take something for some sinus pressure — I turned on the light, so I could see… I looked around my room, I saw presents to my left and presents to my right.Artful Ewe 021

It really made me think about all that had transpired since Thanksgiving night.  All the decorations like the lights and the tree, those poinsettias.  I had a theme this year for my family gift giving, so there was the thought, and planning and shopping that went into that.  There were Christmas cards that got sent out, there was seasonal food that got made and eaten right along.  We do stockings in our family, and lots of thought and gathering went into that ordeal too (which by the way, is one of my favorite fun things).  Then there was the wrapping, the tape, the scissors, the tags, the tissue and paper and ribbons.  I was going to a couple of holiday gatherings and needed a few things, because I also had church to attend on Christmas Eve and then there was Christmas day itself.  I always want a few new items to enhance the wardrobe weather it’s a new sweater, a new scent or maybe new mascara or SOMETHING come on!  Let’s not forget a hair cut, and I always get a manicure and a pedicure for myself at Christmas time.  I try very hard not to forget anyone; the kids, that’s no brainer and of course the husband…..but the mail lady and my hair stylist, my girl friends, the pets and my granddog.Artful Ewe 007

Artful Ewe 001Now on to the food…..what’s for Christmas Eve, what’s for Christmas dinner, snacks — we always have smoked salmon, cream cheese and crackers, olives and holiday candies.  We make a homemade mix for hot rum totties, and champagne.  Create a menu, make a list….countless trips to the store; you always need more butter than ever before.  The “hi how are ya’s” to all the neighbors, as life gets so busy, but you want to say hello – it’s the thing to do.  Now the house MUST be cleaned, the folks are comin over.

I have a Christmas tea every year for my daughter in law, her mother, and all of the girlfriends.  That is very fun, and this year there was a baby girl in attendance; what joy!  Where we have our tea, is a lovely historical town, that was a mill town back in the day.  It’s called Port Gamble, and there happens to be a yarn shop in town – yep!  The Artful Ewe — it’s a very special store!  Artful Ewe 002When you walk inside, it’s cozy and quaint!  You arean’t going to find Cascade Yarns, Rowan or Berroco.  You are going to find fibers of all sorts, custom dyed by Heidi, the owner.  You will see lovely buttons, and her gorgeous dog Grace.  Heidi will be there, with a warm smile on her face and sometimes her friends are there to get some quality knitting time in.  I made it a point to arrive to the tea 45 minutes early so I could go inside and say hello and grab some pictures to show you all.Artful Ewe 003

Artful Ewe 004With all of the holiday trappings, we all try and knit either for ourselves or a special someone on that list.  It’s a wonder and an accomplishment if it ever get’s done and done on time.  I want to congratulate everyone who made their knitting goals this season; yours truly did not finish a single thing.  One item, seriously needs just a bind off and block, while others are close, one is half way there and one — WHAT WAS I THINKING??Artful Ewe 005

Artful Ewe 008As I look in the frig for something to eat, and even wonder…..what are we going to have for dinner tonight, as I sent everyone home with food HA – I have to go to the store…….REALLY?  In all those Christmas details…..take some time out, this week before the end of the year is near, and visit your LYS (local yarn shop) and treat yourself to something, grab yourself a nice cuppa and just relax with your needles and yarn – you deserve it~Artful Ewe 010 Artful Ewe 009


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