The Nifty Knitter

In January, I visited The Nifty Knitter.  The Nifty Knitter is located in the state of Washington, in a small town called Issaquah.  This store is set into the quaint Gilman Village.  Although the whole village is quaint, so is The Nifty Knitter.

The layout of the store is small, yet full of yarn, notions, bags, and inspiration.  There is a table in the back where they hold classes, but it’s also available for fixing mistakes, choosing yarns and colors, or just plain old knitting.  This store took me by surprise with it’s resident piano — that is something that you don’t see every day.  The gal that was working there told me that the owner is a musician, and he is the one that plays the piano.  How fun is that?

The store is very current with all their yarns, with notables such as Anzula, Baa Ram Ewe, Dream In Color, Erika Knight, Rowan, Shibui, and Wollmeise to name a few.

When I was there, there was a gal getting help in the back at the table.  That is always nice to see.  You can’t get that personal attention at a fiber fair, or some of these large venues.  Taking a class at a large venue also costs a great deal of money.  It’s nice to get help in real time when you need it on the project that you are currently working on.  I think you remember things better that way when it’s practically applied in person with a real human being in the environment where all the tools are available for purchase if need be.

The next time you are in Issaquah, please stop into The Nifty Knitter and shop.  I know they will have just what you are looking for~

2 thoughts on “The Nifty Knitter

  1. Diana Cripe

    Great write up, Mary. I have been in this shop. I was there a year ago May, with Frogsalot. It is a great little shop. Thanks for the write up.

    • Mary Neill

      Thanks Diana! I just love Gilman Village — all those cute buildings full of shops and restaurants. It’s like an outdoor meandering mall of sort. It’s the perfect setting for a yarn shop to be!


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