Little Sweetness in Cali

My oh MY!!  First I just have to say how much I miss my dear friend Erin.  We both lived on Bainbridge Island some years back.  We both had boys the same age that graduated together, and both played football.  We both were knitters and had so much more in common; we almost lived in the same neighborhood.

I moved to a different location on the island, and she moved to California.  I have had the opportunity to visit Erin, and she has made countless trips back up to Washington, and then there’s the internet.  But over the recent years, our children have taken turns getting married, and being pregnant.  Here is grandchild #1 between the two of us.  Meet little Natalie, from Erin’s daughter Meghan.

Is she not the cutest thing ever??  When I found out Meghan was pregnant, we didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl, so I knit her socks.  Once I found out, she was having a girl, I knit this sweater.  Now here are the vitals for this project:  Unisex Baby Sweater by Jayme Glover, yarn was Opal XLarge 8-fach, purchased at Amanda’s Art Yarn & Fiber, in Poulsbo, Washington!  Congratulations on such a sweet sweet baby Meghan!

Knitting For Baby

There was a time when it seemed nobody was getting married and nobody was having babies!  Now there appears to be a baby boom of sorts going on.  Last fall, a gal that I knit with was pregnant and was having a baby in the New Year, then another gal, and another and another.  So far to date, 9 babies are to be born, just in my circle, in 2016.  The first two babies have already been born, both boys, (both got a pair of baby socks) with the next two, both to be born in August, and both girls.  It may not seem like much, but 9 babies just in my little corner of the world seems like a lot.  I’ve dubbed this year, not Year of the Monkey, but ‘Year of the Baby’!

Baby blankets take so much time for me to knit, that I’ve actually been learning how to crochet.  I haven’t chained anything on yet, because there are 3 blankets for 3 of the babies that have already been started and will need to be worked on.  If that isn’t enough, I’ve seen 3 others that I’d love to knit.  It just takes me forever.  I am loving gray & yellow together, I’m loving red & turquoise together, and I am loving the idea of a rainbow reaching from purple to pink, with every color in between!

My first grandbaby is to be baby #9, and due in December.  My daughter in law wants two pairs of baby socks, a girl version and a boy version to announce her reveal of the sex with.  So that is added in for more knitting on top of what I already have in place.  Once I find out the sex of my grandbaby, I’m sure there will be another item I will just HAVE to cast on…..that may be my crocheted item.

Honestly, there are so many cute things to knit for babies from cardigans and hoodies to booties and socks, to blankets & hats.  Then, you get sidetracked by other things like shawls and sweaters for me, or summertime knitting of socks and tanks.  I just feel like I can’t take on one more thing.  It’s baby knitting for me right up to the end of this year.  When you are doing this much knitting on deadline, you really have to like what you are knitting with.  It’s got to be your favorite yarns, or something new you’ve never worked with before or your favorite colors.  There is no room for being unhappy or bored.

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Here you see all the items for babies in the works this year.  Can I finish all of these items?

Here you see all the items for babies in the works this year. Can I finish all of these items?