My friend Jana & I kicked off the new year right, with a visit to Tolt!  Yep, I’m just now getting around to covering this store, and getting my spotlight up.  I’m a busy gal…knitting, designing kitchens, keeping up my house, hiking and watching my grandson!!  ANYWAY — Jana and I really wanted to go and see Shannon Cook aka Very Shannon!  She had just released her Valley of the Moon series, and was to be at Tolt for a launching.  So, of course we had to go; it’s just a ferry boat and car ride away…and, it’s just how we roll!

The weather was dreadful out — January in the pacific northwest can be that way.  Dark, wet, cold and windy BUT THAT DIDN’T STOP US! We arrived and was greeted by Shannon herself.  It wasn’t that busy yet, so we got to have a lovely chat with her.  She showed us her new designs and the yarn that she used (WOOLFOLK) for the projects.  It started getting a bit busy, so we decided to shop.  Then, we were invited to sit and knit a bit.  They had a lovely large wood table in the back with some chairs, and there were other ladies (locals) knitting.  There was room and we did have our knitting with us, so we decided we would.  Smiles all around.  The store is so friendly, we felt like locals ourselves.  It was a Saturday morning, and it was so fun to see what the other ladies were knitting.

Behind us, was another knitting spot…some comfy chairs by a wood stove.  There were other gals gathered ’round, chatting and knitting.  It was very cool and relaxed feeling.  Nobody was in a hurry at all (Tolt is in the country), there were young moms with their babies, women with their husbands, locals, and then us that came through from a distance, and then Shannon from Canada.

While we were sitting there, knitting and visiting, we took some pictures, and thought of other things we wanted to buy, that we had forgotten about, with VeryShannon on the brain.  After some time, we used the restroom, and got in line to make our purchases.  We then took off to brave the weather and head back home.

You know, I know people who never venture very far from home, but heading out to Carnation for the day, sort of felt like a mini vaca, even if it was just for a day in January~

*If you ever think to take some snaps of yarn shops on your travels, please share by emailing me and remember you can see these pictures in their larger form, by clicking on them*





Tolt“, a destination yarn shop located in Carnation, Washington.  Their address is 4509 Tolt Ave., so there you go.   A name derived from the Tolt River.  The town story goes, the town was originally called Tolt, then was changed to Carnation, then back to Tolt, then back to Carnation.  Whew, let’s just talk about yarn!

The store has been open for a couple of years now, and I just made it out for a visit this passed Sunday.  Carmel & I went on a little mini shop hop of our own to kick off the new year.  In my head, I had a barn type image for the store.  I knew that they carried highly sought after, high end yarns.

I was wrong about the barn.  Having slowly walked through the store taking it all in, it has an organic, yet upscale, northwest mercantile feel to the experience.  I don’t know that mercantile is even quite right… how about mercantile with a Ralph Lauren essence to it.  Yep, I don’t know if it was the lighting or the chandelier or both.  These things only translate to pleasing design, not snobbery.  The staff was very pleasant and welcoming and accommodating.

With all the brands that  scream American exceptionalism like YOTH, Quince & Co., Cestari, Imperial Yarn, Brooklyn Tweed yarns, Green Mountain Spinnery, and their own collaboration yarn Snoqualmie Valley Yarn benefitting Seattle Children’s Hospital, you’ll find Lettlopi, Baa Ram Ewe, and many other yarns of your dreams.  Can I just mention how difficult it is to take in the store, searching for that great picture to take, yet noticing yarns you’ve heard about, and really wanting to touch, check out the colors, and let the mind wander to knitting, and projects.  Now back to work!

I ended up with a few skeins of Quince & Co and a couple of Fringe Supply bags.  Carmel treated herself to some Cestari Traditional 2 Ply.  I look forward to another trip in the future because I’ve been dreaming of some Imperial Yarn Columbia – the colors – be still my heart, Tufted Primrose!  Thank you Tolt for allowing me some pictures.  Until next time!*you can click on any image to see a larger version