Oregon Knitting Co.

At America’s Knitting, we love to spotlight yarn shops across the nation.  We are based out of the pacific northwest, so of course we are better able to show more west coast yarn shops.  I get photos and stories from knitters, and I also do spotlights myself when I’m out and about.  This story and these photos come from our moderator over in our Ravelry group, Diana Cripe.

Diana, lives in Washington, but was traveling to a retreat in Oregon for the weekend.  Doesn’t that sound like heaven….a retreat?  I would love a weekend where I could just hang out and knit; no phones, no cooking or gardening, no work, just knitting.  Sounds relaxing!  Anyway…here is what Diana had to say:

On my way to a retreat on the Oregon coast, my friend Amy and I stopped at the Oregon Knitting Company in McMinnville, Oregon on the way.  This was the day before LYS Day.  This cute shop was located inside a little indoor mall type building.  The shop is not very big, but has a lot of yarns to offer.  The woman working there, sorry I did not get her name, was very nice, and funny and helpful.  When I found the wall of Findley, I was mesmerized.  I found so many colors I could not decide and was not sure what I would do with it.  I got a photo of one woman working at the table, don’t worry I always ask for permission and tell people what it is for before taking a photo.  After the retreat, and deciding what I would make with that yarn, we stopped again on our way home.  Before leaving the retreat my friend Amy was told by another friend to NOT let me buy purple!  I got this gorgeous teal, and plan to make Jared Flood’s Rock Island Shawl one day. 

The shop was beautiful and if  money was no object, I would have bought a lot more!

Just a little inside baseball, Diana loves purple and has lots of purple yarn in her stash.  I say “you can never have enough purple yarn….or teal”!!  Thank you Diana for checking out this yarn shop and taking these photos.  I can’t wait to visit some day myself.

If you want to see your LYS here in a spotlight…take some photos and send them to me.  I would love to see a spotlight from Arizona, Hawaii, North Dakota, Maine – work with me people!!

Coastal Yarns

Coastal Yarns, Cannon Beach, Oregon!  Cannon Beach is an amazing place right on the Pacific Coast, with history dating back to the Lewis & Clark Expedition.  The quaint town is a destination for coastal getaways.  AND, they have a yarn shop YAY!!

Libbie Hartley was there on an anniversary getaway weekend with her husband, and checked out Coastal Yarns.  Libbie took some pictures for us.  She was surprised and excited to find that the store was having an Alana Dakos, Never Not Knitting trunk show in progress.

Libbie had reported that the weather was wet to almost stormy.  She also reported having an awesome time.  I think that when you are away (even if the weather isn’t always cooperating), and you are in a fun place, you can always find fun.  Having a local yarn shop in the vicinity is just a bonus.

Libbie treated herself to some new Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn while on her visit.  I love it when readers share their vacation with America’s Knitting.  If you are somewhere here in the states on vacation, and find a yarn shop, take a few snaps and write a few lines and email them over to me.  I’d love to spotlight a local yarn shop on your travels.  Thank you Libbie for taking the time to check out this fun yarn shop.  You may click on any of these photos to see a larger version~



Knot Another Hat, Hood River, Oregon!

Knot another hatAs most of you know, I am not operating America’s Knitting all my myself.  If you read our ‘About Us’ page, you will see and learn about all the different contributors.  Libbie Hartley is one of those contributors.  Libbie’s husband Darin helps out in his own way too, and Darin had a birthday.Knot another hat1  Also, as you may know, we all live in the state of Washington.  Darin got a weekend trip to Hood River for his birthday.  Hood River is in Oregon, and is a very popular spot for us western Washingtonians.  Darin is a brewer of craft beer (in his spare time), and Libbie is a lover of wine.  There are lots of breweries and wineries there in Hood River – there is also a yarn shop.

Knot Another Hat is located in Hood River, and Libbie visits every time she’s in town.  She was kind enough to snap a few photos for us on this trip, so we could also go along for the ride!  Knot Another Hat is located right in town, but it’s upstairs, so they don’t really have a store front of sorts, but they do have a sign, sandwich board, an elevator, and a view of the river.Knot another hat4

Knot another hat2Libbie said that when she and Darin arrived, the store was quite busy with customers hanging out and knitting.  Sarah, the owner was not there but her employee was there and in good spirits and very nice.  Libbie says that Knot Another Hat has a really good vibe and was decked for the holidays with lots of great gift ideas.  Libbie did treat herself to a new purse.  The store was full of samples, inspiration, and tons of yarn, not to mention local yarns dyed by local artists.  The store has wonderful light and Churchmouse patterns!Knot another hat5

If you find yourself in Hood River, please check out this charming fun store and the wonderful people that you’ll find at Knot Another Hat~Knot another hat10

Knit Purl Portland


Yvonne Miller lives in California and she is retired.  She does a fair bit of traveling, and is always so kind to think of America’s Knitting!  She always snaps a couple of pictures and emails them over with a few lines, and I love her for it.  Here is what she had to say about Knit Purl in Portland, Oregon:

Yarn shopping in Portland, means you have to look up Knit Purl!   A beautiful shop with lovely yarns. The owner also owns ShiBui yarn company. You’ll find MadTosh, Brooklyn Tweed, Shi Bui among the high end yarns as well as local yarns.  I was thrilled to meet my friend Tyler from my LYS at home, who was also visiting Portland.  Small world isn’t it! KnitPurl2

Thank you Yvonne for sharing your visit to Knit Purl with us.  I have been to Knit Purl some time back myself on a long weekend trip for Memorial Day!  I have to admit, I really do love the Shi Bui line of yarns, and have some in my stash.

I can’t possibly be everywhere, so if you are out and about possibly this holiday season, and happen into a yarn shop, won’t you take some pictures and email them over to us.

KnitPurl3 KnitPurl5