The Knittery

Yarns, domestic and imported, accessories and books; classes, crochet threads, DMC.  This establishment has it all!  Owner Winn has owned this store for 25 years, and before that, worked their since the 70’s!  The Knittery is located in Renton, Washington in a sizeable strip mall with tons of free parking.  I also would have to mention that there is a Starbucks practically next door!

I had never been to this store even though it is in western Washington.  It was about 2 hours from me via car and ferry.  I was contacted by a loyal customer to come and visit the store.  The perfect excuse to get out and visit a yarn shop, YEAH!!

I had paid and was already in line for the next boat when I realized that I had forgotten my camera at home.  I was so mad at myself, so these photos were snapped with my trusty phone.  When I arrived Winn was busy at the back table with a customer needing help with her sock.

We had a nice chat, talking about how things have changed in the yarn shop business with the internet and social media, but how knitting was and will always remain a great hobby and way of life to many. I took a stroll around the shop to take some pictures.

The store has really good light between the big windows up front and the fluorescent lighting.  Notable yarn brands noticed…Berroco, Plymouth, Juniper Moon Farms, Manos, Rowan, Knitted Wit, and my favorite Jamieson Shetland Wool.  The Knittery has a great needle selection and I loved seeing all the books, AND Churchmouse Yarns & Teas patterns; they had all the fun notions as well.

After taking my pictures, they invited me to sit and knit a while.  Very friendly shop with a passion to knit and help knitters.  The Knittery and owner Winn are gearing up, and ready for the Puget Sound LYS Tour happening May 15-19!  If you live or work in Renton, or are just passing through, stop into The Knittery and check out what they have to offer.

If you want me to cover your yarn shop, email me, and we’ll get on it!  Also, you can click on any of these images to see their larger form.


Yarn Crawl Season

Where I live (which is in the Pacific NW) there are 3 major yarn crawls; one down in Portland called the Rose City Yarn Crawl, the LYS Tour on the Seattle side of the Puget Sound, and the PNW Yarn Crawl in the south sound (which happens twice a year).  The Rose City Yarn Crawl happens in early March every year, the LYS Tour is mid May and the PNW Yarn Crawl happens in early May and again in October before the holidays begin.

It’s so much fun crawling from shop to shop.  Each shop comes up with a pattern, that they are offering up for free.  You get your passport stamped and they offer the yarn for that project at a discount.  They have daily prize winners and a gift for finishers, plus one grand prize winner.  It’s a great way to get inspired if you are in a knitting funk.  The yarn crawl is also a fun day out with friends, doing what we all love, ‘going to the yarn shop’.

I first heard of this concept years ago from a quilter friend of mine.  I’m so glad that the yarn shops are now on board.  It’s a fun outing to look forward too.  We can get so mired in our daily routines of life… work, the kids, homework, meals, errands… that’s its fun to plan a fun day out or a weekend away possibly.

This year, my friend Jana and I charted our route and hit the road – she drove.  We did the PNW Yarn Crawl, made it to all the shops in one day, and even stopped for coffee and lunch.  I think I bought something at every store, but you don’t EVEN need to do that.  It’s so fun to see what each shop comes up with for a pattern.  We took some pictures, and posted on social media – it was a blast.  We even ran into a few friends at one of the shops.

If you are wondering, if your area has a yarn crawl, get to know the folks at your local yarn shop.  Use our shop finder to find a yarn close near you.  If you knit solely on-line, you are really missing out on a wonderful and fun community, just waiting for you to join in.  Your best friend is waiting!! *You can click on any of these photo to see a larger version~

Things Can Change In An Instant


Today’s thought is, how things can change in one breath, for good, and for the not so good.  That said, I believe it’s SO important to be happy in the moment… to appreciate what there is, and what we have.  Gratitude, and being grateful for happiness when life is good.

In my yarny world, I really appreciate our yarn shops…I know, I know, I say this sort of thing all the time.  But, look at what they put into their businesses.  The creativity, the thought, the revenue and time.  The gratitude goes both ways, they are grateful for you too, and your business, and what you as a customer bring to the table.  Yep, you actually bring something to the table as a customer…what?  How about energy, love, friendship, loyalty, knowledge, creativity.

I’m glad and grateful that I have a unique place to go to when I need a distraction, when I need creativity, when I need community.  And, the yarn shop is glad I came.  They like showing me around to what’s new in the store, they like seeing my face, they want to know what I’m knitting or what I had in mind to knit.

Carmel & I went to Mad Cow Yarn in Bothell, Washington back in January.  I had never been to the store before, but it was on my list.  I live in Silverdale, Washington, so Bothell was a little bit of a trek but we had fun.  Carmel picked me up from the ferry and we had breakfast, Carmel helped me with my knitting, and then we set out to find this shop.  The pictures that you are looking at, are from that store.  Mad Cow is also on Facebook, so you can find them there.

It never ceases to amaze me, at how different all the shops are.  I love it.  The gal that opened the store was super pleasant, and it was nice to get in there before it was real busy, so I could get some photos for you.

Be happy where you are — enjoy your life — be forgiving and kind to one another — and take care of your neighbor!

If you would like to have your store, or your LYS featured on the site, please submit some photos and tell me about your store 😉




Makers’ Mercantile

MakersMercantile10I’ve told you all before, that I (Mary) am not in this thing alone…..right?  Well, Kim was visiting her dentist in Kent, Washington a couple of months ago, and of course the first thing you do after visiting the dentist is get on your phone to find the nears French Macaron baker.  Kim is my daughter in law, and she’s not a knitter.  BUT, every year, she helps me in getting my annual mailer out.  It’s a huge undertaking from ordering and picking up all the supplies, to stuffing and stamping envelopes, to the big drop off at the post office.  Back to the story…..Kim learned that her nearest Macaron destination was a place called Makers’ Mercantile…..SO?  She parks the car, walks in the front door, scans the establishment and is shocked to find herself in a yarn shop — then reaches for her cell phone to call me!MakersMercantile1

I first learned of the business at Vogue Knitting Live Seattle, held in Bellevue, Washington a couple of years back.MakersMercantile5  The gals in their booth were SO cute and fun.  I have actually never been to the store, but now Kim has.  Kim was kind enough to walk about and take some pictures for us.  Whilst getting comfortable there, she spoke with a gal, that explained that Makers’ Mercantile was a Skacel company store.  That was also news to me – good job Kim!!MakersMercantile12

So, inside the store, is a bakery.  It’s a specialty bakery called Rylie Cakes, and they specialize in gluten free products.  Rylie Haack is the founder and owner of the bakery and I believe daughter to the yarn shop owner.  Kim got her French Macarons along with lots of pictures, and bought me the fun “I’ll show you my stash” bag.  She was sweet enough to share her find with me.  My favorite flavor of the French Macaron was — the salted caramel — YUMM!!MakersMercantile17

Thank you Kim for stumbling upon Makers’ Mercantile and taking all these cool pictures.  Also, stop in during the LYS Tour to visit this treasure and treat yourself to a cookie and some yarn~