Fiber Arts Fine Yarns

When I started America’s Knitting, I wanted all the nations yarn shops all in one place online for everyone’s convenience.  How boring, it wasn’t enough.  I wanted to know all the yarn shops and talk about all the yarn shops.  So I started doing spotlights on yarn shops every chance I got.

Of course I started local…ones I could get out to for a visit – take some pictures!  Well, I live in Washington – NOW WHAT?  Well, I went down to Oregon and visited some shops in Portland and did spotlights, and my girlfriend Dawn took a trip back home to Connecticut, and shared a visit to a yarn shop for me.  Then I started getting contacted by yarn shops themselves and did a few yarn shops…Maine, California, Montana.  Then some of my readers started traveling and sending me photos and a few lines and I posted those spotlights…Arizona, Alaska!

Well my girlfriend Libbie just relocated to Florida for her husbands work.  She visited a yarn shop called Fiber Arts Fine Yarns in Odessa!  I asked her if she could take some pictures for me…and she did.  Here is what she had to say about the store:

The owner was there and was super friendly. They were  showcasing customers finished projects. Good parking. A little coffee shop cafe in the same strip mall as well as a brew pub next door. (Darin appreciates that!). He was able to taste a few local brews and grab a growler while I bought some locally dyed yarn.  That all being said, I haven’t been back. But, I haven’t really been knitting. In a rut.

Libbie needs to meet some knitters and join a knitting group!  I always say, you’ll meet your best friend at the yarn shop.  All that being said, Libbie & Darin are still getting settled in and are building a house.  Libbie needs her knitting mojo back!!  Thank you Libbie for taking the pictures and getting them to me.  I hope you get back to knitting SOON~

More For Baby

As many of your know, I am expecting my first grandchild in early December.  It’s to be a boy, and I’ve been knitting for the baby.  I made some baby socks, and now I’ve finished a baby hat and a baby bib.  I’ve got countless baby blankets on needles and sweaters waiting in the wings to cast on!

The first is this Top This Hat that is sold as a kit.  I purchased mine at Knit2gether in Silverdale, Washington.  You get the pattern, yarn and topper.  It was easy and fast, and the yarn is delicious.  I wasn’t crazy how the topper is applied, and it’s shown me how much of a perfectionist I am.

The second is this Grammy’s Bib.  This gal is on Ravelry, and she has designed all these bibs.  Her name is Elaine Fitzpatrick.  I was wanting to knit with some red. white & blue yarn over the 4th of July holiday, and purchased this Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn at Michaels.  I was just thinking drool bib.  I did buy some more high end cotton yarn thinking I would knit up a bunch of these.  But alas I’m reminded how slow a knitter I am.  I’m going to move on to the finish line with one of my many blankets on needles, and then most likely cast on a sweater.img_6232