DILMy dear friend Erin lives down in California!  I’ve written about her before.  She a woman with style – a Martha Stewart type.  She’s very creative and doesn’t care for the ordinary.  She had 3 kids and I had 2.  All of our children are grown now, all of hers are even married.  Here are the stockings that she knit for her growing family, and my note from Erin:

Hi Mary,
The stockings began about November 1st when I thought it would be fun to give a pair to the newlyweds, Peter and Betsy, Peterand and to Chris and Arielle for their new home in Colorado— especially because I was going to visit them (C/A in Colorado Springs and P/B in Fort Collins) at Thanksgiving. Nothing like a deadline to get me going!!!  And, I couldn’t leave Meg and Ben (or Noah- his is still on needles…) out of the fun, so I’ve been knitting with earnest since my return.Chris & Airiel
I used Churchmouse Christmas Stocking pattern in size medium. I knit my first one in size large, and it was too big. It’s finished… looking for a home. Most of the yarn is Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted. The pattern I used is for LP Bulky, but Churchmouse just came out with a new version for worsted— as you know, I tend to color outside the lines, hahaha! The worsted version may have been helpful.
the boysI also added Kid Chic mohair with a touch of glitter to Betsy’s snowflake, and scrapes of this and that elsewhere. The variegated yarn in Meghan’s is Classic Elite Liberty Wool in Neon Parade. Most purchased at my lys: Alamitos Bay Yarn.
Have a very merry Christmas- I miss you!
With love from your crazy friend… Erin Meghan


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