One of the shops listed on America’s Knitting yarn shop directory, is Sin City Knit Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada!  The America’s Knitting website is also supported by our Facebook page and our Ravelry group.  Through these various social media outlets (we’re on Twitter too), we meet different people.  Along the way, last April, I met Frances.  She was on a business trip to Las Vegas, Nevada!

Here she is, in front of the store.  I remember that she was tired and a little stressed from her work trip and was anxious to check out the local yarn shops.  I also remember her explaining, needing a little help on her project that she packed for the trip.  Frances was able to get to the yarn shop in her down/off time, they were very kind and helpful, and she was happy.  As it turned out….she needed to rip out the project and start again.  Still feeling a little frazzled from the work schedule, she decided to purchase a new project to work on, and save a recast-on of her project, for after she got home.  She was so happy with her visit to Sin City Knit Shop, she returned for a second visit, before her journey home.

I love so many things about this story — I love that Frances needs her needlework to help her decompress and relieve her stress.  I love that it keeps her company when she has to travel for work.  I loved that there was a nearby yarn shop on her travels and that America’s Knitting was able to help her out.  I love that she was able to venture out and visit a knit shop community.  That’s what yarn shops are – they are company, they are community, they are your support system when you need help.  They are a sanctuary!  Sin City Knit Shop was a treat for Frances during a stressful work week away on business.

Of course, Frances sent me these photos you see, but she also sent me her story; granted, it got deleted in my text messages on my phone, I’M SORRY FRANCES.  If you are out there Frances – thank you for sharing your story and your pictures.  Please comment on this story if I left anything out.

It’s summer and people are traveling…for work, for family obligation, for reunions, for fun and leisure with family, for vacation.  If you are out and about and visiting a yarn shop, please send me some snaps and a few lines.  We are interested in what goes on…..

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