SONY DSCIt was a long day in January — Libbie & I got up early, started at Starbucks, and headed north from Kitsap County for our own LYS shop hop.  Bellingham (Washington) was our destination and this was our final shop of the day.  By the time we arrived at NW Handspun Yarns it was dark.  We were in downtown Bellingham in this quaint part of town, parking the car.SONY DSC

Northwest Handspun Yarns in located in this brick building downtown and there’s a really good coffee shop across the street called The Woods Coffee.  It was the end of the day, but the store was still busy with customers.  The store was loaded with yarn and even had an upstairs.  I had been on the lookout all day for pom pom makers, which I did find earlier, but also, plain ole Cascade Yarns 220 Wool; I had three colors in mind.  JACKPOT, this store finally had it.  I could find other knitting worsteds, and I could find the superwash version, but I wanted 220 Wool.  I found it and also found my colors I was looking for – I was happy.  I saw lots of other beautiful yarns like Noro and MadelineTosh.SONY DSC

I think if I lived in Bellingham, this would be my hangout.  I’m in love with brick for one thing, they had the yarn I wanted, and I loved the coffee shop across the street.  Libbie was totally diggin on the vibe at Apple Yarns.  This is why there are so many yarn shops.  Every shop is unique to the yarns they carry, the classes they offer, the parking, lighting and personnel.  NW Handspun Yarns is on Facebook — look them up!SONY DSC

If you want to see pictures of your LYS – get over there, take some snaps and email them over to me at I would love to feature your LYS and tell everyone all about it~SONY DSC

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