Diana Cripe is the America’s Knitting Ravelry moderator.  She and I both live in Kitsap County, in the state of Washington, but in different towns.  Diana is retired, but does spend lots of her time working as a volunteer for her local Library and also moderating our group.

She also goes to a couple of knitting groups during the coarse of the week.  Here she is sharing Pacific Fabrics with us…located in Bremerton, Washington!

I often go to Pacific Fabrics in Bremerton, Washington on Wednesday mornings to knit with a great group of people.  Even though this is a fabric store, they have a good selections of yarns too.  These are located in the front of the store.   There is also a nice sitting area there.

Here is a list of the yarns they carry:  Phildar, Cascade Yarns, Juniper Moon, Araucania, Queensland, On Line, and Cloud 9 Fibers.  They also carry Clover, Addi and Chiao Goo knitting needles and they have a great button selection as too!

Although I attend their Wednesday morning group, Pacific Fabrics also has a “Yarn Night”  on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month from 5:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Dani Gainer, is the Supervisor, on the right and Jane Loper, Sales Associate, on the left.  Thank you Diana for taking the time to share your group with all of us.

If anyone has a group or a local yarn shop that they would like to share, please just email me the photos and copy.  I look forward to sharing your wonderful store.  Just a little trivia… America’s Knitting, of coarse, is visited mostly by the United States.  BUT, we also get lots of visitors from the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Germany and Spain!  Lots of visitors want to see what ‘America’s Knitting’!!


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