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Yarn Crawl…do you crawl?

They are pretty much nation wide now!  I love the concept of an organized event, created towards a fun outing for all the enjoy!  Knitters plan and plot out their course, and sometimes even take a husband, a non-knitting friend, or pups for company.  Most do I think, crawl in groups...but there are even some loners out to crawl.  It could take a...

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Glamping With The Plucky Knitter

Being a gal from the Pacific Northwest, I love the play on words the Plucky Knitter used on her 'Glamping' retreat held this last weekend, in my neck of the woods (hee)!  We consider ourselves outdoorsy people here in the Northwest.  This retreat weekend was held in a truly unique venue, that speaks to a northwest style with lots of wood and big...

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12th Annual Mariners Stitch ‘n Pitch

I've attended all but two -- I missed the very first one, I was so bummed.  I don't think they had their marketing clearly in place, I honestly didn't even know about it.  I vowed, that I would go the next year.  And go I did!  It was on my birthday that year, and all my friends went, and we had a blast.  My friends even had a birthday wish to me...

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Knitting For Baby

There was a time when it seemed nobody was getting married and nobody was having babies!  Now there appears to be a baby boom of sorts going on.  Last fall, a gal that I knit with was pregnant and was having a baby in the New Year, then another gal, and another and another.  So far to date, 9 babies are to be born, just in my circle, in 2016. ...

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A Lighthouse on Hammersley

If you are a knitter or a quilter, I'm sure that you've attended a retreat before!  I've attended a couple of different retreats.  I used to attended an annual retreat for many years running, that was three days over the span of a weekend.  This retreat, was a day retreat spanning seven hours, including lunch. Carmel & I attended this day...

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Sunday’s at the Yarn Shop

It's the weekend; time off.....time to get caught up, on sleep, chores, and also, you want to squeeze in a little fun. What is fun; shopping with the girls, going on a hike with the dog, date night with the husband, taking the family out to the movies?  Time off, it's needed to decompress, unwind, cook the meals you've been wanting to make from...

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America’s Knitting

This is such a busy time of year.  What most of you probably don't know, is that America's Knitting does a mailer/fundraiser out to all the shops once a year.  Yep, I ask the yarn shops to support the website if they like the website and are glad that we are here. I start in July gathering all my supplies for the mailer.  I get the mailer itself...

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Stitch N Pitch 2015

Batter UP! The Stitch N Pitch events originated in Seattle and for good reason, we have the passion for this event!  Knitting is very strong in the Pacific Northwest, and it doesn't slow down in the summer months. This years Stitch N Pitch event is the 10th Annual, and it's always sponsored by Pacific Fabrics & Crafts!  There are tons of...

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Worldwide Knit In Public Day

Last Saturday, June 13th, was Worldwide Knit In Public Day.  I believe this day was originally put together to encourage knitters to take their craft to the public, and show the non knitters what it is we do and what their missing!  These events happen all over the world, in parks, farmers markets, malls, yarn shops, pubs, cafe's al fresco, and...

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Here Comes The Bride!

This is a story about friendship, neighbors, knitting, and marrying off your kids! I met my friend Erin back in 1996 (that's a guesstimate) through the Pee Wee football program on Bainbridge Island, in Washington state.  Her son Pete and my son Kevan both attended school together and were the same age, only I lived at the north end of the island...

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Anzula Trunk Show

I've been watching this yarn company from afar for a while now.  They offer a lot - you want to knit lace, they have lace weight yarn, Meridian has a soft sheen you just have to touch, you want exotic...look for Cole, silk & camel...REALLY! Libbie sent me an email today telling me that Anzula was going to be at Allyn Knit Shop & Spinning...

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It’s Money In The Bank

It's funny how things comes together!  I always say every project has a story.  This one goes way back to a breast cancer project I was part of many years ago.  Me and about 29 internet friends once knit about 300 scarves (all pink) for a breast cancer/month of October project.  I, of course, got a wee bit carried away and was buying pink yarn...

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