MakersMercantile10I’ve told you all before, that I (Mary) am not in this thing alone…..right?  Well, Kim was visiting her dentist in Kent, Washington a couple of months ago, and of course the first thing you do after visiting the dentist is get on your phone to find the nears French Macaron baker.  Kim is my daughter in law, and she’s not a knitter.  BUT, every year, she helps me in getting my annual mailer out.  It’s a huge undertaking from ordering and picking up all the supplies, to stuffing and stamping envelopes, to the big drop off at the post office.  Back to the story…..Kim learned that her nearest Macaron destination was a place called Makers’ Mercantile…..SO?  She parks the car, walks in the front door, scans the establishment and is shocked to find herself in a yarn shop — then reaches for her cell phone to call me!MakersMercantile1

I first learned of the business at Vogue Knitting Live Seattle, held in Bellevue, Washington a couple of years back.MakersMercantile5  The gals in their booth were SO cute and fun.  I have actually never been to the store, but now Kim has.  Kim was kind enough to walk about and take some pictures for us.  Whilst getting comfortable there, she spoke with a gal, that explained that Makers’ Mercantile was a Skacel company store.  That was also news to me – good job Kim!!MakersMercantile12

So, inside the store, is a bakery.  It’s a specialty bakery called Rylie Cakes, and they specialize in gluten free products.  Rylie Haack is the founder and owner of the bakery and I believe daughter to the yarn shop owner.  Kim got her French Macarons along with lots of pictures, and bought me the fun “I’ll show you my stash” bag.  She was sweet enough to share her find with me.  My favorite flavor of the French Macaron was — the salted caramel — YUMM!!MakersMercantile17

Thank you Kim for stumbling upon Makers’ Mercantile and taking all these cool pictures.  Also, stop in during the LYS Tour to visit this treasure and treat yourself to a cookie and some yarn~




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