Every year I do a Christmas tea for my daughter in law, her mother, and her friends and myself.  It’s super fun, and this year we had tea at Debbie Macomber’s Victorian Tea Room!  I always have a gift for everyone because it’s at Christmas time and that’s what you do at Christmas, you give gifts.  I got all the girls autographed books of Debbie’s, but Kaia’s only 21 months old – she can’t read.  So, I knit her a winter hat.  The hat is called Little Sophia’s Hat designed by Sheila Joynes that actually works and manages Debbie’s yarn shop A Good Yarn, named after her book with the same name.

I took a fair isle class with Carmel, the gal who runs our Ravelry group.  I fell in love with this hat.  I had a couple of left over skeins of some Hazel Knits DK Lively, but needed 3 more colors, and this is what you see.  The colors go like this:

purple – Violetta  orange – High Octang  blue – cornflower  red – Vamp  Lt purple – Haze

It was a super fun knit, my first picot edge treatment.  It’s a little big on her, but she’ll grow into it!

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