Mel, a local gal, to me….very active on the knit scene has joined her local yarn shop, the Black Sheep Yarn Boutique, in knitting ‘Knitted Knockers’.  This is a specific pattern designed and created for knitting breast prosthetics, here are her words….

My local LYS on Olympia’s West Side, The Black Sheep Yarn Boutique has signed up to be a LYS for Knitted Knockers. Michele the shop owner is a Breast Cancer Survivor. We had a “Knitted Knockers” event, and we all learned how to knit them. I’m using the Magic Loop pattern adapted to use on two circulars. It’s so much easier for me to use 2 circulars rather than DPNs. It was fun Thursday night to sit and knit Knitted Knockers. There was donated soft cotton yarns to choose from and free patterns. It’s pretty easy, I’ll sew & knot the Icord when I’m finished to form a nipple. Michele will stuff them with donated stuffing she has so it’s pretty easy & goes fast. I will continue to make them in various cup sizes for the shop to give to local women in need of breast prosthetics.

We all need to know about this program and how it helps women in our communities and also worldwide.

The women who started this, also a breast cancer survivor, lives in Bellingham, WA! Here’s the link to the Knitted Knockers website! There’s a link to find LYS in your area too, or you can make them & send them to her in Bellingham to donate to women around the world in need of these breast prosthetics.

Thank you Mel for sharing your story, I love it!  I know for a fact that these prosthetics do get used and are needed.

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