I have seen every Harry Potter movie, and it was the books that really got me back into reading.  A tale told by many.  I also have a daughter in law that has been requesting Harry Potter House Scarves for herself, my son and grandson.  As we knitters know, scarves are LOTS of repetitive knitting.  I looked around on Ravelry, and I just wasn’t moved to knit her one, let alone three.

I heard about this book coming out “official” they said.  So, I looked into it… Tanis Gray… now we’re talking – I have heard of her.  I WILL WAIT!  I heard that the book was to be released soon, and there was a pre-order.  I ordered a copy right away.  I was ‘so’ impressed.  I got my book from Amazon delivered to my home the day it was released COOL!

I couldn’t wait to open it up and look through it.  Where to begin…the first project I see is the Cornish Pixie WHAT?  I have to knit this.  I found the scarf, and decided to knit that too.  I found things for every family member.  The photography was excellent, scattered drawings, and cute stories of items tied into the movie with YES shots from the movie.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!  Tanis didn’t just barely cover every project, she devoted many pages to each one.  This book is not a rush job.  Time was taken, everything is so well done.  All 27 projects/patterns are all created by different designers all using different yarns.

You will see, yes, Mrs. Weasley, Harry, Ron, Hermoine of course, all the creatures, the twins, Cho Chang, Delores Umbridge and Luna Lovegood.  I love how the book lays open, and isn’t always trying to close on you.  I was so impressed with this book that I am purchasing another copy for a donation to a raffle that I was asked to donate to.  The designs are well done, very creative and I want to knit all the things.  One final thing, sometimes with new, popular and current designs, all you see is indie dyed yarns used; not in this book.  You will see known brands you see at your yarns shops…Berroco, Cascade Yarns, Brown Sheep Company, Harrisville Designs, Rowan, Lang Yarns and many more.

Well done Tanis Gray!

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