Tracy from the Grocery Girls has now designed 2 new patterns for socks.  They are both amazing, but here is her first design…Galiano Socks.  These socks were named for a retreat that she and Jody attended in British Columbia’s Galiano Island.  They had a magical time and Tracy designed these socks and named them for her trip and her inspiration.

My friend Jana, knit these up in quick order.  When I first saw the pattern, I passed.  I have SO many projects already started, that I didn’t think that I needed to cast on any cabled socks.  BUT, look at these socks.  In person…I couldn’t pass them up.  My pattern is printed, my needles are out, and my yarn is wound.  I just have to knit these amazing socks.

Jana used Julie Asselin’s Leizu yarn for her Galiano’s, and they are amazing!  Thank you Jana for allowing me to share~


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