DianaCripeDiana Cripe lives in my county, Kitsap County, Washington!  We first met at the Port Townsend Knitters Retreat.  She lives on the southern most end and I live centrally.  She does her fair share of traveling around, and she definitely makes it her business to know all the yarn shops in the area; opening or closing……..sound familiar!  Yep, Diana is a new roving reporter to the crew here at America’s Knitting!DianaCripe1

This time, Oregon — Beaverton to be exact — For Yarns Sake!  The store has been open for five years, and here is what Diana had to say:  Hi Mary, the shop was great.  Upon entering I noticed how well lit and big it is.  I was approached right away and the gal complimented me on my Partly Sunny shawl.  I think my friend and I spent about 2 hours there just looking
around.  A couple of the gals helped me pick out the color of yarn I wanted when I had it down to 3.  I think they noticed that we were just looking around and trying to take it all in and pretty much left us alone, but were there if we had any questions.  It was a great experience and if I am back down there I will certainly go back.DianaCripealternate

021The yarn I bought is Single Silk B from Alpha B Yarn in color Off We Go.

Thanks Diana for sharing your trip to this yarn shop!  If you want to see your local yarn shop spotlighted, email over some pictures and a few lines and we’ll get it done~For Yarns Sake


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