Not only did a friend of mine’s granddaughter get dedicated at church…this mother/daughter duo is very dedicated to their knitting.  We all used to live mere blocks from each other but now, states apart.  But we all still keep in touch and even visit from time to time.  The dress on the little one, Penelope was knit when the first daughter was born, but now worn by the newborn.  SO, mom (grandma/mimi) had some yarn left over, so of course knit the older girl a skirt.  So, they matched at the dedication.  SEE, dedicated HA!  I hope this all wasn’t too confusing – I’m tired…hee!  Here they are-

If this isn’t confusing enough, this is my friend Erin (right) with her sister (aunty) on the left…mom’s not in the picture, just mimi and aunty and the kids!  Sorry, I don’t have yarn and/or patterns for this one~

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