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Last October, Diana, the gal that heads up our Ravelry group, visited Apple Yarns in Bellingham, Washington!  Bellingham has three yarn shops.  Sounds like a town/city that gets a lot of knitting done.

Bellingham is also a college town, and the home to Western Washington University!  Apple Yarns, however is located in what Diana would call auto row amongst several auto dealerships and similar industry businesses.

When Diana was there for her visit, there were two different ladies working, Claudia Barbo, and Francine Heaton.  Francine is the lady on the left and Claudia is the lady on the right in the photo.  Claudia designed both scarves that the ladies are wearing.   While Diana was there, and visiting with Claudia & Francine, they mentioned that knitters drop of their cars to be serviced, and then pop in and knit a while, and wait there versus waiting and knitting at the dealership.  I just wonder how many people have learned to knit at Apple Yarns whilst waiting for their car.  I wonder if Apple Yarns does any targeted advertisement over there HAHA!

Diana loved the classes room area very much!  Thank you so much Claudia and Francine for spending time with Diana and allowing her to take some pictures.  So, whether you are a college student, waiting to get your car fixed, or are mainly a resident of Bellingham, or a visitor, stop into Apple Yarns, and take a class or just hang out and work on your knitting, so you can get on to the business of shopping for that next project!

**You may click on any of these photos to see their larger forms**

Diana Cripe~

2 thoughts on “Apple Yarns

  1. Jackie

    I’ve been perusing the yarn shop directory, and it’s a very useful tool. I found it very disappointing that a lot of the yarn shops in my area either don’t have a website or the website they have is not helpful. If I wasn’t going to go to my local yarn shop anyway, it wouldn’t be the website that drew me there. However, I do understand we’re not all blessed with skills to build websites or have someone to do it for us. One thing that I enjoy seeing on websites(blog) are what projects you’re doing. Having pictures of them gives the viewer ideas of what they want to do, also it advertises the yarn i.e. brand. If the pattern is available on Ravelry, have the link for the pattern so all they have to do is click! One of my favorite sites is “Simply Socks Yarn Company” Wow what a website and I love their blog. I realize they’re a bigger store, but smaller store owners, take note- people out there are looking for visual/info, give it to them!


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