DSCN1624I’ve been watching this yarn company from afar for a while now.  They offer a lot – you want to knit lace, they have lace weight yarn, Meridian has a soft sheen you just have to touch, you want exotic…look for Cole, silk & camel…REALLY!DSCN1628

Libbie sent me an email today telling me that Anzula was going to be at Allyn Knit Shop & Spinning Supply out in Allyn, Washington.  I had spent the weekend feeling sorry for myself with Stitches South happening in Nashville, Tennessee, and Anzula being over in Seattle at So Much Yarn & Serial Knitters.  I couldn’t  do any of those things last weekend, but had a good weekend non-the-less.  When Libbie told me they were in Allyn, I was so excited.

DSCN1620I was finally going to be able to see their yarn in person.  It’s a lot of pressure thinking about what project you might want to buy yarn for.  That’s the beauty of a trunk show.  They literally bring in all these trunks/suitcases of old, full of knits….hats, gloves, cowls, shawls, sweaters and more sweaters.  All of their yarn was there.DSCN1625

Now, bear in mind, Allyn was their last stop on a long, long road trip.  Honestly, I thought it would be slim pickins, and that I would have to force myself to buy leftovers.  I probably wouldn’t get to choose my own color.  But, at least I would get to add some Anzula to my stash.  SO wrong…..they had a lot, in every color one could imagine.  That is saying a lot, because color is sort of their deal.  You want bright – they got it, you want earthy, yep choices their too, colorful, in deed, dark and dreamy, yes definitely….even sparkles.DSCN1629

After all of this, Libbie realizes that she has some Anzula in her stash and that she got it at Allyn Knit Shop.  We all had a good laugh over that, but Lois will continue to carry Anzula, so check back with her and ask.

Libbie & I both bought the Irish Girlie Knits pattern Ring of Kerry and the yarn to go with. DSCN1634 I love Irish Girlie Knits!  What a fun time we had – did I mention that Libbie drives a convertible VW Beetle??  It was so nice outside today, a lovely end of the day drive out to Allyn with the top down, stash enhancement with Anzula, and a margarita!


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