Dear Friends at America’s Knitting and Knitters Staying Home—

In the last 20 days or so our lives have been turned on end.  Many of us have longed for a time when we could knit without interruption and here we are. We’ve practiced for this moment.

At Alpaca, LLC in Eagle, Colorado, we have an amazing and diverse group of crafters. Our Tuesday knit night table, (or tables when we overflow) generally looks like this:

People start dropping in around 3:30 in the afternoon, and the last rows are completed, problems fixed, stories told, patterns traded, tips abounding, colors chosen….around 8:30pm. My heart is heavy thinking about lost stitches and moments with these dear people.  Along the first days when we found out that Eagle County was a “hot spot” in the nation, we changed our strategy daily. First measuring out our packed table into 6’ distances:

…then reducing our hours to 11am-3pm.  And now, we have gone to curbside pick-up by appointment, free delivery, and free shipping.  None of us were pleased. Apparently our row by row connections go far deeper than knitting and crocheting, even tighter than warp and weft.  Three of group have had the virus and are getting stronger every day. Eagle County has indeed been a hot spot. The good news is…

Our fiber growers are growing fiber!!  Although all the springtime alpaca shows are cancelled, we’ll still be able to show these amazing alpaca fleeces. Our knitters are gathering on Zoom 3x per week and after starting with 3 of us, we now have our full table and slightly fuller hearts. We’re able to share our craft and our caring for one another.I knew I loved my store, and my customers, and my store manager, Amy, before this. Now I am truly grateful for the stitches that bind us together.  Keep knitting, stay safe, stay home!



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