Every year my friend Jana and I travel up to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for Knit City.  We call it our Rhinebeck of the west.  We leave on Thursday, typically take a class and partake in all the activities Knit Social puts on.  We knit, eat out, shop and have the time of our lives.  We’ve gone for three years in a row now.

The Canadians are very good hosts, and we’ve met SO many lovely people.  Not all of them are Canadians, as this event draws people from all over the world.  One friend we met was Joline Vretenar.  She has started designing knitwear.  This is one of her designs, a very long bias knit scarf, call All Sorts!  Her thought was to use up all your leftover fingering weight yarns from the many shawls and socks we knit, or possibly what you could knit with an Advent Calendar.  The scarf takes 24 sections.

I had a trip planned this last summer to Montana, to visit Yarn Scout and meet Beata Jezek, of Hedgehog Fibres from Ireland.  We had it all scheduled, and I was planning, and looking forward to it for 6 months.  Near the last month to the time to go, we had to cancel our trip due to my husbands work.  I was heart broken.  It was then that I decided I would knit Joline’s All Sorts entirely out of Hedgehog Fibres Sock yarn.  I had a couple of skeins in my stash, but purchased all the other colors I used.  It was challenging not being able to see the colors in person, but it was fun and I do love it.  I think it’s perfect for the Pacific Northwest as our weather here is pretty mild.  We have some 30* weather and some 40* weather but 50’s is our main.  This scarf is colorful and fills in your coat openings.  It’s casual style fits with our outdoorsy lifestyle.  Check out Joline’s Ravelry page.  Also, if you are wanting to knit with some Hedgehog Fibres and you’re having trouble finding it where you live, check out Yarn Scout.  I call them the Hedgehog Headquarters, as they carry everything, not just the sock yarn.

This garment is challenging to photograph because of it’s length!

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