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America’s Knitting… America’s Yarn Shop Directory on the Web!

156570_10202161933104057_1367117890_nWelcome to America’s Knitting, your source for all things YARN SHOPS! America’s Knitting is more than a directory, we get intimate with yarn shops and tell their story using photos, people, projects and events, not just merely data.

Why use this site to locate any shop on your travels? Well, we closely monitor this site DAILY! Believe it or not, these local yarn shops move around quite a bit. They are always thinking of their clientele and are always looking to upgrade their classroom space or parking situation and are always looking to lower their bottom line so they can stay in business for you. Our map gets updated in real time as these shops open, close or move. I have people all over keeping me informed.

We have a passion for the local yarn shops from coast to coast.  Every store is different and so is their story.  We are blessed in this country to have the glaciers of Alaska, the sun & sand of Hawaii, California & Florida, the hub of the world in New York, and the rich heritage of our midwest and south lands.

We encourage the yarn shops to contribute to this website and supply us with photographs and stories.  We are based out of Washington state, so we can’t possibly be everywhere.  We want knitters and crocheters to know your store before they even visit.

We are on Ravelry, and Diana is our moderator there.  She keeps everything going, so I can focus on the website and the facebook page.

I am not in this alone…my son Chris had the brain child of this website, if not for him it would not even exist.  My husband got this all started financially and paid for the upstart.  My friend Lynn thought of my slogan (Your access to yarn shops across America!), my son Kevan built my data base, his wife Kim, my daughter in law, helps me every year with my annual mailer out to all the yarn shops, Shiloh built my sites and continues to teach me the world wide web.  Like I mentioned above, Diana is my moderator over in our Ravelry group, Darin has helped me form my vision, and his wife Libbie helps me out on the facebook page when I am out of town, and Carmel our resident humorist over on our Facebook page!  It wouldn’t be complete without a photo of my dog Mae, who is my muse.  Thank you, all my friends and associates~