If you are a knitter or a quilter, I’m sure that you’ve attended a retreat before!  I’ve attended a couple of different retreats.  I used to attended an annual retreat for many years running, that was three days over the span of a weekend.  This retreat, was a day retreat spanning seven hours, including lunch.

Carmel & I attended this day long retreat this last Saturday, and it was hosted by Lois of Allyn Knit Shop, out of Allyn, Washington!  The retreat was held at a bed & breakfast out in Shelton called A Lighthouse on Hammersley.  It took about an hour to get there, which does make you feel like you are somewhere else.  Now, I’ve been to Shelton lots of times, but never out in this area, very remote, and on the water.

The place had a nautical feel for sure, with super tall ceilings, lots of light, a huge kitchen, and a cozy fireplace.  Lots of ladies where in attendance.  We were just a tad late, as Carmel & I had stopped for breakfast.  We don’t see each other all that often, and we got caught up over breakfast.  It was a such a wet and rainy day, perfect to hunker down, and get some knitting accomplished.

When we arrived, Lois was welcoming everyone, giving a little speech about what they could expect during the day, and she started a sharing and show session.  Carmel & I took up a table over by the fireplace.  You saw everything really from afghans, to intarsia work, fair isle work, sweaters and children’s items. IMG_4097 I had brought my Baa-ble Hat to share, and was working on a Christmas Stocking.  Carmel finished her sweater — all ready for buttons.yarma_medium2

Lunch was served and we had Asian Chicken Salad with a breadstick and iced tea – lovely, and yummy.  They even provided desert, a Reece’s Peanut Butter Parfait.  I didn’t finish my Christmas Stocking, but I did get familiarized with my old project again, and Carmel helped me iron out a problem I was having with the yarn.  She also gave me a lesson in pom pom making.

It was really fun to slow down, enjoy the company of other knitters, get some knitting in, meet new friends, and see this gem of a bed and breakfast.  Thank you Lois for having us, and thank you A Lighthouse on Hammersley for allowing us into your establishment, we had fun!

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