Lieselotte Shawl

Meet ‘merrysherri‘!  That is Sherri’s Ravelry name – and she owns Rainy Day Yarns in Gig Harbor, Washington!  I love this store, and I love Sherri!!  Her store is chock full of yummy yarniness, including her own special hand dyed yarns that she sells in house.  But, here we have the Lieselotte Shawl by Beatrice Perron Dahlen.  Sherri used Skacel Concentrics  Hikoo yarn for this project, and I can see why – it’s GORGEOUS!!  The color is #1023 Shades of Gray – lovely!!  The Lieselotte is a free Ravelry download~

BA Cool

Hey Y’all — Carmel has knit so many of these hats, we can’t even count anymore!  This hat by Joji Locatelli is very current and on trend.  Joji is always coming up with new patterns ALL.THE.TIME!  Carmel used Cascade Yarns 128 Superwash.  LOVE LOVE LOVE, and that pom pom shut.up!!  You can download BA Cool over on Ravelry!

Isle of Innisfree

Mel is a local gal (to me here in the PNW), that is a member of our Ravelry group — why yes, we have a Ravelry group.  It started out small, but it’s growing all the time.  She knit these lively St. Patrick’s Day socks for herself.  I think they are wonderful.  Anyone who knows me, knows I love all things Irish!  AND I love this picture – cute!!

The pattern is the Basic Sock by Churchmouse Yarns & Teas.  It is a basic pattern with options to switch it up while learning to knit socks.  The yarn that Mel used is Abi Grasso SelfStriping Sock Yarn  that was designed especially for St. Patrick’s Day.  This yarn  is available on Etsy, but maybe some of these indy dyers will work more with the yarn shops, so they can sell unique yarns to the masses.  Just ask your LYS for some self striping sock yarn, and definitely start with this Churchmouse pattern if you are a first timer.  The Churchmouse patterns are now sold in many yarn shops around the world actually.

Nice work Mel, and thanks for sharing with us~

Ginger’s Slouche

About four years ago, Carmel & I took a fair isle knitting class at Debbie Macomber’s A Good Yarn Shop.  We both knit cool hats.  Of course Carmel finished hers in good time.  Me, well that’s another story — I did mention 4 years ago WHATEVER!!  So here in my finished hat finally.  I learned so much from that class by Sheila Joynes.  She has published a book called “I Can’t Believe That I’m Fair Isle Knitting”.  If you want to learn to do this type of knitting look for her book.  I bought it, even though I took the class – it’s very well written, it’s JUST like her class.

Sheila taught me so much.  I needed 6 colors for this hat and there were like 90 to choose from.  Where to even start.  I didn’t particularly like the colors used in the pattern, so I wasn’t sure what to do…she said, “pick on color you really like, then go from there”.  Sounds simple, but it was the foundation for the colors chosen here.  The pattern is Ginger’s Slouche and the yarn is Jamieson of Shetland Spindrift.  Now, I’m trying to decide if I want a pom pom.


Not only did a friend of mine’s granddaughter get dedicated at church…this mother/daughter duo is very dedicated to their knitting.  We all used to live mere blocks from each other but now, states apart.  But we all still keep in touch and even visit from time to time.  The dress on the little one, Penelope was knit when the first daughter was born, but now worn by the newborn.  SO, mom (grandma/mimi) had some yarn left over, so of course knit the older girl a skirt.  So, they matched at the dedication.  SEE, dedicated HA!  I hope this all wasn’t too confusing – I’m tired…hee!  Here they are-

If this isn’t confusing enough, this is my friend Erin (right) with her sister (aunty) on the left…mom’s not in the picture, just mimi and aunty and the kids!  Sorry, I don’t have yarn and/or patterns for this one~

Test Knitters

Regular contributor Leah Bothe shares her test knit of the new Standing Waves shawl by Nicole Tavares.  This pattern is available on Ravelry!  Leah used Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Silk Solid in colorway Ocean, purchased at Allyn Knit Shop, and Fancy Image Yarn Merino Tencel Fingering.  Test knitters play an important roll for the designer, to ensure that their pattern is ready for release error free.  The test knitters get the chance to knit on something brand new that other knitters aren’t aware even exists.  At the time of release, you have a very current piece.  This looks great Leah, you always do a fine job – thanks for sharing!