Two Yarn Shops In One Small Town

FullSizeRender_2I always think it’s sort of weird when I see a small town have two yarn shops.  You always wonder if the local population can support two.  Well, that is the case in Sequim, Washington — there are two yarn shops; Local Yarn Shop & A Dropped Stitch.  This post is about Local Yarn Shop.FullSizeRender_3

My husband & I and our dog, do quite a bit of hiking through the Olympics and the local surrounding areas.  We were passing through Sequim, Washington…and I told my husband that there was a new yarn shop in Sequim.  He asked me if I wanted to stop in, “CAPTAIN OBVIOUS” (as my friend Cheri would say)!!

FullSizeRender_1It was quiet when I was in there.  The gal working the shop was sitting on the loveseat knitting away on a gray October day.  It was a compact store, but I saw lots of lovelies.  I introduced myself, and asked if I could take some snaps for the website.  She said yes, and we had some good conversation while I snapped away.FullSizeRender_4

The store is right on the main street with windows to let in all kinds of good natural light.  They had a spot for classes and get togethers, a sale area that looks like there is always some yarn on discount in the store at all times, and tons of colorful yarns to touch, dream of what you would knit up if it were yours, and of course purchase.

IMG_3650I didn’t make a purchase this visit.  But I loved stopping in and looking it all over.  Sometimes that can take great restraint to simply window shop, and other times, it’s nice to know you can visit your LYS, have fun, and simply look.  Drop in on your LYS during the holidays, I bet they have it decorated just for you!FullSizeRender