Anzula Trunk Show

DSCN1624I’ve been watching this yarn company from afar for a while now.  They offer a lot – you want to knit lace, they have lace weight yarn, Meridian has a soft sheen you just have to touch, you want exotic…look for Cole, silk & camel…REALLY!DSCN1628

Libbie sent me an email today telling me that Anzula was going to be at Allyn Knit Shop & Spinning Supply out in Allyn, Washington.  I had spent the weekend feeling sorry for myself with Stitches South happening in Nashville, Tennessee, and Anzula being over in Seattle at So Much Yarn & Serial Knitters.  I couldn’t  do any of those things last weekend, but had a good weekend non-the-less.  When Libbie told me they were in Allyn, I was so excited.

DSCN1620I was finally going to be able to see their yarn in person.  It’s a lot of pressure thinking about what project you might want to buy yarn for.  That’s the beauty of a trunk show.  They literally bring in all these trunks/suitcases of old, full of knits….hats, gloves, cowls, shawls, sweaters and more sweaters.  All of their yarn was there.DSCN1625

Now, bear in mind, Allyn was their last stop on a long, long road trip.  Honestly, I thought it would be slim pickins, and that I would have to force myself to buy leftovers.  I probably wouldn’t get to choose my own color.  But, at least I would get to add some Anzula to my stash.  SO wrong…..they had a lot, in every color one could imagine.  That is saying a lot, because color is sort of their deal.  You want bright – they got it, you want earthy, yep choices their too, colorful, in deed, dark and dreamy, yes definitely….even sparkles.DSCN1629

After all of this, Libbie realizes that she has some Anzula in her stash and that she got it at Allyn Knit Shop.  We all had a good laugh over that, but Lois will continue to carry Anzula, so check back with her and ask.

Libbie & I both bought the Irish Girlie Knits pattern Ring of Kerry and the yarn to go with. DSCN1634 I love Irish Girlie Knits!  What a fun time we had – did I mention that Libbie drives a convertible VW Beetle??  It was so nice outside today, a lovely end of the day drive out to Allyn with the top down, stash enhancement with Anzula, and a margarita!


knit2gether & The Celtic Knot

SONY DSCYes, space sharing — two businesses inside of one location!  Great idea…and that is what is going on with this Silverdale, Washington LYS!  Three quarters of the space belongs to knit2gether, while a quarter of the space is leased out to The Celtic Knot.  The business is housed in a quaint little house now zoned commercial, right on the water in Kitsap County.SONY DSC

Being right on the water, the gals have decided on a beach theme and rightly so.  So fun, lite and tranquil.  So much to choose from yarn wise, but they are just getting started.  Karen Sharman and Susan Keating of Knit2gether are carrying brands like Cascade, Skacel, Classic Elite, Universal and Berroco just to name a few and they are opening the doors out onto the patio now that Spring is here in the pacific northwest.SONY DSC

SONY DSCThe Celtic Knot loves all things Irish and Scottish.  Jana has brands like Hedgehog Fibers, Life In The Tall Grass, Jamieson, Swan Island, Baah Yarns, and Anzula!  The Celtic Knot is also your local destination for Signature Needles.SONY DSC

These businesses are closed on the weekends, but they are up and running Monday through Friday, and they stay open late on Thursday nights.  The Celtic Knot and knit2gether both have facebook pages, so if you are on facebook, please look them up and like their pages.  Stop by and visit, take in the view, bring your knitting….the girls ‘might’ even have some fresh baked cookies available from the kitchen!  Congratulations ladies on the new business~SONY DSC

NW Handspun Yarns

SONY DSCIt was a long day in January — Libbie & I got up early, started at Starbucks, and headed north from Kitsap County for our own LYS shop hop.  Bellingham (Washington) was our destination and this was our final shop of the day.  By the time we arrived at NW Handspun Yarns it was dark.  We were in downtown Bellingham in this quaint part of town, parking the car.SONY DSC

Northwest Handspun Yarns in located in this brick building downtown and there’s a really good coffee shop across the street called The Woods Coffee.  It was the end of the day, but the store was still busy with customers.  The store was loaded with yarn and even had an upstairs.  I had been on the lookout all day for pom pom makers, which I did find earlier, but also, plain ole Cascade Yarns 220 Wool; I had three colors in mind.  JACKPOT, this store finally had it.  I could find other knitting worsteds, and I could find the superwash version, but I wanted 220 Wool.  I found it and also found my colors I was looking for – I was happy.  I saw lots of other beautiful yarns like Noro and MadelineTosh.SONY DSC

I think if I lived in Bellingham, this would be my hangout.  I’m in love with brick for one thing, they had the yarn I wanted, and I loved the coffee shop across the street.  Libbie was totally diggin on the vibe at Apple Yarns.  This is why there are so many yarn shops.  Every shop is unique to the yarns they carry, the classes they offer, the parking, lighting and personnel.  NW Handspun Yarns is on Facebook — look them up!SONY DSC

If you want to see pictures of your LYS – get over there, take some snaps and email them over to me at I would love to feature your LYS and tell everyone all about it~SONY DSC

KAL Shaken or Stirred cardi by Thea Coleman aka BabyCocktails

mommaramKAL Shaken or Stirred is our KAL that will be from April 1 to June 30, 2015.  This is our first sweater KAL.  If you aren’t familiar with Thea Coleman/BabyCocktails, this is your chance to try out one of her patterns and get to know her better.mommaram2

Whether you are going to do a spring/summer version using cotton or a blend, or are planning a fall/winter version with wool, either way you will have a new sweater!  Join in the journey, you can jump in any time, you don’t have to start today.  Start by purchasing your pattern over on Ravelry, and join us!

MommaRam on Ravelry, and also in our America’s Knitting Ravelry group, knit this fun version below, so I am going to kick this off with her sweater.  Diana used SweetGeorgia Yarns Superwash DK.  I don’t know if she will be joining us on this KAL seeings how she has already knit the sweater, but we’ll see.  BUT, there will be prizes for some finishers, so shop your stash or shop your LYS and cast on for this beauty today and treat yourself to a new sweater.  Who’s with us?  Please share your progress we all want to see your yarn, color choices and most of all your sweater!