Apple Yarns


SONY DSCRemember that trip that Libbie & I took to Bellingham in January?  Well, here is coverage of another shop on the day; Apple Yarns, Bellingham, Washington! SONY DSC

Bellingham actually has four yarn shops, all different.  Apple Yarns can be described using two words ‘high energy’!!  Libbie & I were there on a Saturday, and the store was all a buzz — shoppers picking up yarn for new projects, knitters arriving for classes, a class had just ended and those folks were still milling about knitting.  The store was full and busy.SONY DSC

Carmel had been doing pom poms on some of her Christmas knits and so I desperately wanted a pom pom maker.  They had the pom pom makers in all sizes, so was definitely able to make that purchase.  The owners were there, a husband and wife team, Andrea & Andrew.  They are fun and positive natured people, just good folks.  They know their town and definitely are a part of it.SONY DSC

One of the interesting things of the store was the step-up learning center, surrounded by the good light of glass and natural daylight.  There was a huge table, lots of chairs, great light and the Try It tree with cubbies of yarn and needles.  You could work with yarn and test drive if you will….you know, just to make sure you love it before buying a sweater quantities worth.SONY DSC

SONY DSCI thought they had lots of superwash options, which is awesome for children knitting or gifting in general for that matter.  Sometimes non-knitters don’t know how to handle wool.

Here are some of the things that caught my eye….Manos del Uruguay, Debbie Bliss, Berroco Ultra Alpaca, CoBaSi Multi Yarn by Hikoo, Dyed In The Wool, Noro Kureyon, Pepperberry Knits & Sweet Georgia!  See you at Stitch N Pitch Andrew & Andrea~



It’s Money In The Bank

It’s funny how things comes together!  I always say every project has a story.  This one goes way back to a breast cancer project I was part of many years ago.  Me and about 29 internet friends once knit about 300 scarves (all pink) for a breast cancer/month of October project.  I, of course, got a wee bit carried away and was buying pink yarn left and right….my motto was think pink.  I was actually buying all kinds of yarn — that went into the ‘stash’.  What a concept.

Years later, Churchmouse Yarns & Teas came out with a pattern in their newsletter entitled Last-Minute Cowls.  It was for knitters who needed to whip out a quick holiday gift.  One of the yarns listed as possible matches for this project was Rowans Big Wool.  I HAVE SOME OF THAT!!  Pink, purchased a long time ago for a breast cancer scarf.

Away I went knitting up to the 11th hour right before Christmas.  I actually had two of these gems on needles the pink one and a red one.  The red one got done and the pink one never did.  I put the project away and even worked on it a bit this holiday season.  I had someone special in mind for it.  It still didn’t make it to the finish line.

As the new year came and went, I looked at that project and thought ‘gee’ I could finish that today.  I did, and here it is.  Who would have thought yarn purchased ten years ago coupled with a pattern I got two years ago coming together for a finished project FINALLY.  My stash is embarrassingly huge.  When people see it, they can’t believe it.  My husband Wes always says “It’s like money in the bank”!  He’s really get’s me~

FullSizeRender (6)

Shy Friends

My friends are awesome knitters, but some are shy when it comes to the camera!  Here I am in Debbie’s Color Play Mohair Wrap by Churchmouse Yarns & Teas!  When I first saw this item, I instantly got hot just looking at it.  But, you New Englanders MAKE THIS, it’s amazing.  The yarn is Rowan Kid Silk Haze Stripe.  It’s soft, light, fun, warm and cozy!  Debbie is an amazing knitter that is also generous with her knitting, knitting for all of her family members…and I mean all of them.  Thanks Debbie for letting me share your garment on America’s Knitting~



Wear On Earth?

SONY DSCHave you ever been to Lynden, Washington?  Well, I hadn’t, and they have a yarn shop, so Libbie & I headed north to check it out.  I am trying to visit some of my states yarn shops that I have never been to before.SONY DSC

The name of the yarn shop is Wear On Earth.  Part of the store is a consignment clothing store complete with purses, aprons, shoes and jeans.  Don’t let that distract you at all — the store has plenty of space with tons of yarn.  The store slogan is ‘save on clothes ~ splurge on yarn’!SONY DSC

SONY DSCThe store is eclectic in a way, because you see high fashion neon’s, work horse wools, glitzy sparkling novelties, and couture Madeline Tosh.  Inventory was high and the owner was excited about the future.


Wear on Earth will be leaving front street for a new and bigger location.  Yep, Wear on Earth is moving to the Lynden Towne Plaza very soon, so follow them on Facebook so you can be the first to hear the big news!  Wear on Earth is also part of the LYS Tour, so definitely stop in and be surprised.SONY DSC

Lynden is a sweet and fun Dutch town!  After our trip through the yarn shop, we stopped into the Lynden Dutch Bakery.  We picked up some fresh baked rolls, a Seahawk cookie and some Oliebollen.  What’s an Oliebollen?  It’s a Dutch cake like donut hole ONLY BETTER!!!

SONY DSCSo come to Lynden for the day start with come coffee and Oliebollen, then cruise through the yarn shop and treat yourself to a new project, and then have some lunch and take in all the windmills.  Can’t wait to see the new digs Wear on Earth~

Please visit the store website