I’ve attended all but two —

I missed the very first one, I was so bummed.  I don’t think they had their marketing clearly in place, I honestly didn’t even know about it.  I vowed, that I would go the next year.  And go I did!  It was on my birthday that year, and all my friends went, and we had a blast.  My friends even had a birthday wish to me put up on the jumbo Tron!   I’ve been attending every year since, with the exception of one year.

This year, I went with my daughter in law Kim (who’s pregnant with my first grandchild), and my dear friend Ann!  We met up at Starbucks! Tradition is a funny thing — there is no way we could head out, without our iced green tea lemonade!!  Then, off we went for the ferry boat, to sail us over to the big city of Seattle!  Before getting out the car, Ann gives me a gift for the baby due in December.  A lovely Tin Can Knits Bounce baby blanket that she knit for me, to cuddle my first grandchild.  Ann is a grandmother 4 times over, so she picked these colors and knit this for me.  This blanket is a new pattern that I have loved….but I have two other blankets on needles that need to get finished.  What a surprise, I didn’t even ever see her working on this — thank you Ann, I love it!!

FullSizeRender (45)

At the terminal, we met up with our other knitting friends, and another Stitch ‘n Pitch was underway.   After getting off the boat, we headed over to Elysian for some pre-game eats and drinks.  Knitters know how to have a good time, and that’s just what we did!  By this time the weather had really cleared up.  Upon leaving my house, I almost brought a coat it looked so threatening.  So we went from this, to this —

Ann had lost her ticket; it was nowhere to be found – we all took turns rummaging through her purse NOTHING!  After leaving Elysian, we went to the ticket box to get her another ticket.  We knew the seat ticket she had purchase…they have a way to check to see if the ticket had come through.  It hadn’t, so they printed us another ticket and in we went.  I had no idea that was even possible – can I say, I was super impressed WAY TO GO SEATTLE MARINERS!

By the time we got up to the 300 deck where are the vendors are, it was HOT…so glad I didn’t pack a coat; the wallet, knitting, camera, phone, business cards and lipstick in my ginormous bag where heavy enough.  I was all ‘a dew’ that’s another term for sweating.  I knew that Apple Yarns, out of Bellingham, would have their new fingering weight line with them, and that is what I was waiting for.  I got my skein — it was really hard to choose, but I love my skein.  It’s called Chuckanut Dr.

Every year the event has a free gift for the knitters of Stitch ‘n Pitch.  We have gotten bags, t-shirts, scissors….this year was no exception, a new bag.  Totally different than the other one I have.  One year we even got a Seattle Mariners Stitch ‘n Pitch needle case that folds up for easy storage.

Another Stitch ‘n Pitch is in the books.  I always say, it’s the perfect evening — summer, friends, baseball, knitting, the stadium, and good eats and drink!  The Mariners lost against the Chicago White Sox, but football season is knockin’ on the door #GoHawks~

 You can click on any of these photos to see the larger version of it!

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