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Sweater Wizard, Sock Wizard, Stitch & Motif Maker, Knitting Math Wizard, E-Patterns, Interactive Patterns, Interactive Tools…..who is the master mind behind all of these products?  Carole Wulster of Knitting Software is. 

Maybe you have seen the ads in the knitting magazines, but I urge all of you to look into these products.  If you enjoy knitting and enjoy all the fabulous yarns that are on the market today, these are must have products.  Have you ever been to a sale at your LYS and seen the most beautiful yarn, and couldn’t find a pattern that goes with it?  It’s frustrating to those of us who need patterns.

As knitters, we have an aversion to doing a gauge swatch.   Come on, admit it…..sure you know those seasoned knitters that know you have to do a gauge swatch, but I have a theory.  I think the reason most knitters hate doing a gauge swatch is because they usually don’t work out.  You always end up knitting more than one gauge swatch or a really big one with 3 different needle sizes.  By the time you have mastered the gauge, you might not even like the fabric you've made or are questioning your project at this point.  

What if you could use whatever yarn you wanted, and you could make anything you wanted, any way you wanted it?  That is easy to do with Knitting Software's products.  Knit up your gauge swatch using your yarn of choice and the corresponding needles, to create the fabric to your liking, and take it from there with these software products and your own computer.  Yes, write your own patterns.

You can also take an existing pattern that you admire and adjust that to fit the yarn you wish to use.  You could change the fit or collar, the length, the sleeves, completely customize it just for you.  I think it’s brilliant to think we can use our computers to help us design sweaters to fit our own unique shape in the yarn of our choice.  In my email interview with Carole, this is what she said…..”Suddenly, more and more knitters were using computers.  Knitting was experiencing a rebirth as a hobby and the more sophisticated knitters became, the more they wanted control over their knitting.  In most cases, they did not want to design from scratch, but wanted the ability to adjust a pattern to their size and their gauge.  Sweater Wizard provided this ability.”

Knitting Software is owned by Carole’s son Noah and is currently run by his wife Leah.  Leah is often times the model you will see associated with these products as well.  All of the Knitting Software products are available through instant download.  Knitting Software is located in Coraopolis Pennsylvania.  Carole loves to knit, write software and loves the support end of this product.  Carole not only supports the software itself, but also supports the knitting.  Carole answers all the support emails herself.  Please give consideration to these wonderful products.  I think you’ll find this software very liberating!

Check out their website for more information.

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