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Amanda's Art Yarn, Poulsbo, Washington!

Amanda Richards has had her store in Poulsbo for a really long time.

When I first went into her store some 24 years ago, she had, believe it or not western wear, yep, along with yarn.  That soon left the scene, but she took on some jewelry, along with yarn.  Then that phased out as she focused on custom dying of yarn, along with professionally distributed yarn brands.  Even that went by the way side for some years, while she focused on her shop designs.

Today, Amanda is on Ravelry, and also has a facebook page for her new line of custom dyed yarns Color Dance Yarns. 

Amanda's largest asset is her ability to fix a mistake.  One could call her The Architect of the knit stitch.  She understands which directions the yarns travel to create the stitches we see.  She always is glad to see you and has a smile on her face.

Amanda's Art Yarns is a crochet friendly store as well.  Amanda can teach you to knit or crochet.  Amanda spins and dyes....what doesn't she do.

Stop in for a visit and say hello.  Thank you Amanda for all your help today - I appreciate it more than you know.

I hope you have our website book marked so it will be easy for you to find a yarn shop when you are out and about with your travels. 

Email me any time with pictures of your LYS or your travels, won't you?

Knit on,


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